Wood Deck Company in Raleigh, NC

JM Decks & Fences remains the most trusted choice among wood deck companies in Raleigh, NC. Real wood decks create lasting charm and many leisure opportunities. Whether you prefer your deck for entertaining guests or just a quiet place to read a good book, we’ll design around what’s important to you. There are no upfront costs for our design and rendering work so why call for an appointment today.

Why choose real wood decking?

If you’re ready to build a deck, you need to choose what material to build it from. Real wood decking is proven to be dependable, durable, and a great value. It is the top-chosen material because of its superior strength and decay resistance. Wood decks have been known to stand up to the harshest weather, so rest assured that it can withstand even the hottest Raleigh summer.


There is also an aesthetic value to real hardwood that cannot be matched by any engineered material. Wood blends into natural surroundings, allowing it to feel like your property sweeps right into the outdoors.

Wood Decking Cost

Despite its unique and unsurmounted qualities, wood is one of the most affordable deck building materials available. The cost of your wood deck depends on customization, scale, and what type of wood you choose, but in general, average wood decks are affordable for many homeowners.


There’s also the longevity of a wood deck to consider when weighing costs. We’ve all seen a neighbor’s rotten wood deck, but weathering and rot is not an issue if you choose a reputable wood deck company. JM Decks & Fences uses only premium materials. A well-built and properly maintained wood deck should last many many years. That is why it’s so imperative the design and construction are perfect. That’s exactly what you’ll get at JM.

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